What You Need to Know About Traveling for Work – Before You Go

Work travel is a great opportunity to network and be immersed in the culture of a given industry. You’ll quickly learn who’s who in the industry after you’ve spent a few concentrated days at meetings and events. Here are a few things you should consider when travelling for work.

Before you go

Plan Your Outfits – you likely won’t have a lot of time to pull yourself together in the morning. Plan ahead so your outfits are coordinated and thought-out.

Pack Light – there’s a good chance your going to need to bring some extra promotional materials, gifts and meeting kits with you so make sure you leave space in your bag. Don’t worry, you’ll be returning with many gifts and materials from your trip.

Workout Clothes – one set is enough. I don’t care if you wear the same shirt 2-3 runs in a row and neither will anyone else. If you’re really put-off by it, invest in dry fit so you can wash it in the sink and it will be ready for your next run.

Create an Itinerary – there’s going to be a lot going on during your trip having an itinerary with addresses and phone numbers will help a lot. Plus it gives you a chance to plan personal time and stick to it.

Check In With Your Boss – this is your number one priority. Your boss is sending you on this trip for a purpose. Clearly identify and make note of expectations, target clients, key messaging and other important information. Don’t assume you know everything your boss is expecting.


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