A few years ago, I experienced my first bus tour with Contiki. My friend Nicole and I packed our bags and headed to Europe for an intense 11 day European Horizon tour. It was one of the most “memorable” trips of my life. Our Australian tour guide spoke about history, culture and adventure. We experienced Dachau – the first Nazi concentration camp, Kultfabrik – a village of bars – and everything in between.

At the end, I looked back and thought about all of the crazy things we had done. We started every day on the bus – whether it was 5:30am or 8:00am – with Flo Rida’s Wild Ones blasting over the speakers. One of the best moments was sitting in a little restaurant in the heart of Paris with the group of 40 travellers. The servers came out with trays of escargot, blue cheese and champagne – real champagne. Must like Mary-Kate Olsen’s observation in It Takes Two, the escargot tasted like a garlic brushed balloon.

The blue cheese – something that I enjoy now thanks to this experiment – was unavoidable. Our servers pushed us to place a small crumble of blue cheese on our tongue and chase it with champagne. What a feeling – it was like a rollercoaster of sensation – smooth, sharp, sweet and savoury. To this day, I have yet to recreate the culinary combination of blue cheese and champagne but I remember it well.



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