The vibe. The hustle.

Toronto. A concrete jungle. Where high-rises replace the trees and roads replace the streams. The animals are replaced by every walk of human life. Your may never see your neighbours and your day doesn’t shut off at 5:00pm. High expectations lead to big disappointments and cut-throat businessmen are willing to trample you to walk the next step up the corporate ladder.

What draws 8.3 million people to this zoo?

Yonge Street

Winterlicious – where chefs get their culinary on in celebration of deliciousness.
Skate on the Waterfront – When you think of skating in Toronto, you assume Nathan Phillips Square. Truth is, there’s a small skating rink down on the waterfront (Natrel Rink) where you can rent skates and start gliding.
Doors Open Toronto – visit somewhere new, you’ll never believe what’s behind a set of closed doors.
Toronto Fringe Festival – Bring on the live performance in a cunning way. Cheap tickets and usually good shows!
Toronto International Film Festival – I don’t even think I need to explain this one.
Nuit Blanche – This was one of my favourite demonstrations of passion. Gather at night and celebrate innovative and cutting-edge contemporary art.

A walk down Queen Street West heading towards the Kensington Market is like a vortex of colours, fabrics, style and compulsion. Embracing everything creative and vibrant while stimulating all unnatural senses.

Only a few blocks over, Starbucks at the corner of King and Yonge houses the complete opposite market. Black power suits flood out the doors in the morning. It is amazing how quickly the baristas whip up everyone’s overly-complicated warm beverage.

The vibe. The hustle. the quick-thinking mentality. That’s what makes Toronto.


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